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Quality without compromise

Steve’s love for wine is evident throughout his wine list. He regularly samples a range of wines from the top suppliers and importers all over Europe to ensure he gets the best quality and the most up and coming wines and grape varieties. 
He tries to put emphasis on small independent wine makers and family vineyards. Like all our menus, the wine list is ever changing and Steve is always adding new wines to it.
At The Chequers we are very proud of our ever growing wine cellar . We understand that the choice of wine to accompany a dish is an important one, so please don’t hesitate to ask Steve or Jade about any of our wines and what would be the most pleasant choice to accompany your meal.


We take a lot of time and care in choosing who supplies produce to
The Chequers. As a company we aim to be as environmentally friendly as we can and this in turn is a demand we make of our suppliers.

We take pride in looking for suppliers who take an ethical view of their business. Our meat is RSPCA ‘freedom food’ accredited; we also use both Fair Trade and Rain Forest Alliance products. We also support the Responsible Fishing Scheme. Our fish also come from a Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certified fish monger. MSC are a global organisation working with fisheries, seafood companies, scientists, conservation groups and the public to promote the best environmental choice in seafood.

Very little of our produce come from the ‘Big 3’ markets (Billingsgate, Smithfield and Covent Garden) who have traditionally supplied most restaurants. Nowadays the trend is to get products from ‘much closer to source’.

Several farmers and small family butchers supply us with our meat. Our beef is reared in the West Country - the breed is called Aberdeen Angus. Our butcher selects the animals he intends to supply us with whilst they are alive in the field. They are fed on grass throughout their life. After slaughter the carcass is hung untouched for 21- 28 days before being butchered into primal joints and sent to us. The lamb we use is Suffolk Cross, grass fed and reared on Kirtland Farm in Wormingham. Our organic chicken is from Cotswold Farm in Oxfordshire. We use free range eggs from our friends down the road at Zouch Farm, in Culham and our Pork comes from a farm called Long Crendon Manor; the breeds are large blacks and Gloucester Old Spot. Steve prefers these breeds as they have an excellent fat content and beautiful flavour. The venison we use is from Earl of Devon’s Powderham Estate on the river Exe. The meat is from the Fallow deer which is a little less gamey than Red deer but is truly rich and tasty meat.

Nearly all our fish is purchased from two harbourside markets – Plymouth and Looe. Some of the fish we use, such as bass, black bream, mackerel, sea trout and haddock is line caught and our jumbo Scottish cod that we use for our “world famous fish and chips” is wild and from sustainable stocks. The crab we use is caught in St Ives in Cornwall and our mussels are from the Norfolk coast. We use two varieties of oysters. Our rock oysters (Crassostrea gigas) are farmed in the Royal Bay of Gruville on the Island of Jersey in some of Europe’s cleanest water and our Native oysters (Ostrea edulis) come from Loch Ryan in South West Scotland which is the largest bed of wild oysters in Scotland. 

Our locals bring us pheasants and other game during the Winter and we also make use of all of our neighbour’s gardens and allotments in the warmer months and are dropped in all sorts of vegetables, fruits and herbs which all appear regularly on our menu.

Our cooking oil is all stored and recycled into bio fuel by a local company specialising in our area. The rest of our rubbish is recycled wherever possible.

Finally the coffee we serve carries the Rainforest Alliance endorsement.

We are always keen to discover new products so do drop
us a line if you think your spuds are better than ours!

t: 01865 407771