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teve Sanderson

Chef and Owner

Steve Sanderson has been a full time
chef since the age of 15, but his food
inspiration came from much earlier.

Steve grew up in a suburb in London living
next to an Italian family on one side and a
West Indian family on the other and with a
mother that was a fabulous home cook. He
was constantly surrounded by flavours and
aromas and this has led to a constant
fascination with an array of styles and
techniques involved in many different types
of cuisine.

Steve’s cooking is intelligent,
straightforward and elegant. His ability to
create home-comfort and nostalgia-inducing
food with a modern twist is evident
throughout the ever-evolving menu.
He is guided by the seasons and he procures
only the best produce available for his
imaginative dishes. Steve has trained in
hotels around the world and top
establishments up and down the country.

t: 01865 407771